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September 2, 2008 05:46 - Mardi Gras Umbrella Crosses

Image courtesy Seiyaku

New Orleans ~ a city known for wild times, the French Quarter, and jazz. And that jazz has worked it's way into all facets of their life…and death.

A classic jazz funeral procession has three categories of mourners ~ the family, the jazz band, and others who are paying their respects. It's usually hot, so the mourners carry black umbrellas, while they dance along to the jazz music.

These umbrellas began to be decorated. Then white and bright colored umbrellas were decorated for Mardi Gras. Next, women being women, they came up with another idea ~ decorated white umbrellas, covered with lace and streamers for weddings.

Not just full sized umbrellas, but those little cocktail umbrellas too. By applying glitter and lace on every other section, between the ribs, a design stands out ~ the Maltese cross.

More information and sources can be found at the Scottish Wedding Dreams Mardi Gras Umbrellas page.

Tomorrow starts a few days of historic heraldic gowns…

September 3, 2008 11:36 - Jacqueline de la Grange Heraldic Gown

There aren't very many historic costumes that display heraldic symbols, or charges.

This first one is of Jacqueline de la Grange, a 13th century noblewoman.

Image courtesy Historical Encyclopedia
of Costumes by Albert Racinet

Jacqueline was the wife of Jean de Montagu, who was Chief Minister to King Charles VI of France.

Jacqueline's gown displays both the Montague and the de la Grange coats-of-arms. The martlet, a footless swallow, denotes her husband is the fourth son. The martlet signifies a person who has to subsist by virtue and merit, not by inheritance.

The eagles with their wings displayed symbolizes a man of action, one who is judiciously occupied with high and weighty affairs. This would be true for the Chief Minister to the King. The wings displayed denote protection ~ for the king, for his wife, for his family.

The ermine fur trim also denotes nobility and dignity. Likewise, the gold color in her bodice states they are of the nobility.

Tomorrow, the gowns of Anne Dauphine de Avergne and her maid…

September 4, 2008 10:04 - Anne Dauphine de Avergne Heraldic Gowns

The next two illustrations are of Anne Dauphine de Avergne and her maid.

Image courtesy Historical Encyclopedia
of Costumes by Albert Racinet

Anne, Dauphine d'Auvergne, was the daughter of Beraud II, Dauphin of Auvergne. She married Louis de Bourbon, the Third Duke of Bourbon. The Bourbons gave France their line of King Louis's. His family coat-of-arms displays a field of fleur-de-lis.

Duke de Bourbon Arms
image courtesy Wikipedia

Anne is shown in 1371, the year of her marriage, wearing the dolphin insignia from her husband's coat of arms. The fleur-de-lys denotes he is a member of the French royal family.

Anne's attendant, also a married woman, is wearing her husband's insignia including the martlets, indicating he was a fourth son.

Image courtesy Historical Encyclopedia
of Costumes by Albert Racinet

Notice the red heraldic shield and diagonal stripe on the maid's dress. Red is symbolic of eagerness to serve ones country, one who has been a warrior and a martyr.

The red diagonal stripe is called a Bend. The narrow white stripes on each side are called cottices. Both symbolize defense or protection.

Again, with adaptation, this basic design could make a lovely wedding dress. I'd remove the 'collar' inset area or replace it with lace. Other than selecting your own heraldic symbols and family crest, it's good as it is. Though a row of small tartan buttons down the bodice to the shield would give it another small Scottish touch.

Tomorrow, an Heraldic Tabard…

September 5, 2008 06:36 - The Blanc Coursier Tabard

The tabards worn in the Medieval Era usually had open sides and a closed front. One would be slipped on over the head, was often belted, but sometimes hung loose. For knights and their ladies, they were often emblazoned with the knight's insignia.

John Anstis, of England, introduced and established the position of Blanc Coursier, combining the office of Royal Herald and as personal herald of Prince William, the Principal Companion of the Order of Bath. Due to this appointment, the coat-of-arms on the tabard belonged to Prince William.

This tabard was created in 1727 specifically for the newly established Blanc Coursier position.

Image courtesy Historical Encyclopedia
of Costumes by
Albert Racinet

On this tabard, note the fleur-de-lys, the Rampant Lion, and the harp, the last two being Scottish motifs. Notice the motifs are repeated on opposite sides, which was not done in Medieval times. Also sleeves have been added. These two differences tell us this is a 'modern' adaptation [1727 AD].

But how could you adapt it for a Scottish theme wedding?

How about a tabard with heraldry, embroidered or appliquéd, possibly with accent beading and tartan cording? Worn over a plain Medieval gown, this would look great at a Medieval Scottish wedding. The tabard could be sleeveless or with sleeves.

This tabard could be worn with a tartan or silk skirt, in one of the colors in the tabard, by any lady of the bridal party ~ the bride, her attendants, mothers, or grandmothers.

Coming Monday, a Charles VI royal ensemble fit for a Scottish theme wedding…

September 8, 2008 05:02 - Charles VI of France and His Royal Robe

Charles VI reigned France from 1380 to 1422. He was known as 'Charles the Beloved', and 'Charles the Mad'.

Putting the history of his reign aside, take a look at the heraldic symbols and his gown and robe.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

There's the fleur-de-lis, symbolic of purity and light, plus being the floral badge of France. The angel, who holds a fleur-de-lis shield, signifies dignity, glory, honor, a bearer of joyful news, or a missionary.

The fruit place around the frame is a symbol of peace and felicity, which covers a range of emotions from contentment to intense joy.

The scepter in his right hand is a pledge of justice, while the hand in his left hand pledges faith, sincerity and justice.

The lions beneath his feet represent dauntless, deathless courage. And a mantle of his family colors is draped over his seat.

But what drew my attention is the lush, luxurious gown and robe. They appear to be of velvet, with the robe, or cape, lined with ermine.

The gown is lined at the sleeve cuffs and hemline with red, while narrow rows of silver piping finish off the edges all around. A lozenge holds the robe in place on his right shoulder. The lozenge is symbolic of honesty, constancy, and wisdom, while it's also a token of noble birth

Either the gown or robe could be a tartan, or the robe could be lined with tartan. One or two tartans could replace the red lining and the silver piping.

Tomorrow, information on heraldry continues…

September 9, 2008 08:05 - The Lion and the Unicorn

Harkening back to the historical significance and heraldic charges and the coat of arms of Scotland…

The lion symbolizes England, while the unicorn stands for Scotland. The combination dates back to 1603, when James VI of Scotland ascended to the throne of England, becoming James I of England.

On the British coat of arms, the lion is on the left and the unicorn is on the right. In the Scottish version, the two have switched places and both are crowned.

Their notorious rivalry was translated into a famous nursery rhyme

The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown

The lion beat the unicorn all around the town.

Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown;

Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town.

Here it's reproduced from a children's book

Image courtesy Clipart

Lewis Carroll played upon the rhyme by incorporating the rivalry in Through The Looking Glass. In his story, the crown being fought over belongs to the White King. Those fighting against him are all on the white side, so the rivalry is absurd.

Carroll portrays the lion as slow and stupid instead of the lion being alert and calculating as the British saw themselves. The unicorn's role is also reversed ~ he sees Alice as a monster, though he promises to start believing in her if she will believe in him.

Also remember the symbolism of the lion and the unicorn ~

  • Lion ~ bravery, strength, ferocity, and valour
  • Unicorn ~ extreme courage, virtue and strength

September 10, 2008 07:05 - Australia's Boxing Kangaroo

Jack, the boxing kangaroo of Australia, has become a heraldic symbol recognized and loved worldwide. He's fiesty, exudes self-confidence, and defends his country with valor and sportsmanship.

A cartoon in 1891, featured 'Jack', the boxer, and 'Professor Lendermann'. From cartoon to national hero, he's now featured on flags which are carried at sporting events.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

One version, from 1943, sports a slouch hat, as worn by the Aussies during the war. Proudly displayed on the nose of a Royal Air Force B-24, this bomber was stationed in Agra, India, and flown by an Australian crew.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

'Jack' is a powerful and unique symbol of Australia, appealing to both locals and tourists. For the youth 'Down Under' he's a symbol of the positive values and virtues of sport ~ aspiration, attitude, pride, respect, responsibility, and sportsmanship.

As the epitome of the Australian fighting spirit, he's assured, bold, and capable. Not to be mistaken for a 'wuss', nor for an arrogant aggressor, he's simply assertive when defending his country's glory.

Tomorrow, another example of heraldry…

September 11, 2008 06:23 - The Bright Star of 1664

Comets, those heavenly bodies with their dragon's tail flowing and glowing behind…a sign from God, a natural occurrence, an ominous warning of things to come?

A moving star appeared several times in 1664. Many, through ignorance and superstition, thought it warned of the world coming to an end, as they watched the star and it's tail grow and shrink.

This was Halley's Comet, seen sporadically from 1086 until the 1660's.

It's small wonder that a comet would begin to appear as a charge on heraldic arms. These had an estoile, or star, of either six or four points.

Cartwright image courtesy James Parker

The charge above belonged to the Cartwrights of Scotland. A Hurston family also had a comet on their arms. In 1702, Coldwell, the Pregendary of Ely, England, created his arms which included a lion rampant with two blazing comets in the base.

September 12, 2008 11:45 - The Flamingo & Hurricane Ike

This morning I viewed a video clip at never dreaming where it would lead me. Hurricane Ike is big news, especially if you live near the Gulf Coast, or anywhere the rain may go.

Here's the video clip that started it all ~ Flamingo Stands Up to Ike's Waves

Add to this my August 28, 2008, blog which featured a Flamingo crossing sign that I thought was a real 'hoot'.

Image 535108 courtesy Stock Exchange

Taking these two, I had to find a way to tie it in to anything Scottish…and succeeded. Oh, but did the trail digress. Others seem to have also been fascinated by the flamingo, for flamingo 'things' abound.

The retro, campy flamingo craze began with Donald Featherstone in 1957.

Flamingo Plastic Lawn Art image courtesy Wikipedia

These flamingos have spawned whirly-gigs, flags, windsocks, planters, wind chimes, picnic tableware, and patio lights.

Awards have been given, including the 1996 Improbable Research Nobel Prize for Art. Books have been written about the craze ~

The Original Pink Flamingoes book image courtesy Amazon

Drinks have honored the Pink Flamingo, as seen in the Pink Flamingo Smoothie from Family Fun Magazine, which adds pineapple to the traditional banana and strawberry smoothie.

Next week will tell of Pink Flamingo history, quirkery, and cricket…

September 15, 2008 05:39 - The Pink Flamingo in History

Going back into history with the flamingo, the ancient Romans ate flamingo tongues as a delicacy. In the Andes, miners have killed flamingos to render out the fat, which they believed was cure tuberculosis. The Larco Museum in Lima, Peru owns a ceramic from the 3rd century ~ it displays a flamingo.

Flamingo Moche Pottery image courtesy Wikipedia

World War II brought other instances of the flamingo's popularity.

de Havilland Flamingo image courtesy Wikipedia

The British de Havilland Flamingo was a troop carrier and also used for general communications duties. If not flown by some Scottish pilots, Scottish troops likely were transported in the Flamingo. Secondly, as a German Panzer flame thrower, or Flamm, nicknamed the Flamingo.

The Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas joined the fanclub, opening in 1946

The Flamingo Casino image courtesy Wikipedia

The Flamingo matchbook image courtesy Wikipedia

A New Orleans riverboat casino was named The Flamingo. I don't think it survived Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans riverboat image courtesy Wikipedia

A movie, The Flamingo Kid, 1984, is a coming of age movie, set at a Long Island Beach Club in the early 1960's.

Tomorrow, more flamingoes…

September 16, 2008 05:53 - Donald Featherstone and the Fife District

As mentioned last Friday, Donald Featherstone began the Pink flamingo craze with his plastic lawn pink flamingos. They became 'the' lawn decoration of the 50's.

With a surname like that, he has to have Scottish blood. The Featherstones are found listed within the Fife District. Fife is located on the eastern coast of Scotland. It's bordered by the Firth of Tay, the Firth of Forth, and the North Sea.

St. Andrews ~ the university and the golf course ~ is located in Fife.

Here's the Fife District tartan, created for the Duke of Fife's wedding ~

Duke of Fife District Wedding Tartan WR790

Here's the tartan created for Louise, the Princess Royal, grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, when she became the Duchess of Fife upon marrying Alexander Duff, the First Duke of Fife.

Duchess of Fife District Wedding Tartan WR781

To show the valor of the men of Fife here are the battle honors of the combined Fife and Forfar Yeomanry [circa 1793] and the Scottish Horse [circa 1900] Regiments ~

  • Boer War ~ South Africa, 1900-02

  • The Great War ~
    Somme, France, 1918
    Bapaume, 1918
    Hindenburg Line, Epehy, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Selle, Sambre, and Flanders, 1918
    Turkey, Gallipoli, 1915
    Egypt, 1915-1917
    Palestine, Gaza
    Israel, Jerusalem

  • World War II ~
    France ~ Dunkirk, Cheux, Bourguebus Ridge, Le Perier Ridge
    Belgium ~ Scheldt, Ourthe
    Germany ~ Rhineland, Rhine
    West Europe 1940
    Northwest Europe 1944-1945

Tomorrow, a glut of Flamingo merchandise…

September 17, 2008 05:11 - Pink Flamingo Merchandise

Once a craze starts, it seems to take on a life of its own, growing and growing and growing…sometimes steadily, sometimes with an ebb and flow. Just look at all the types of Pink Flamingo things.

Flamingo jewelry runs the gamut from tasteful to tacky ~

Flamingo Stained Glass Earrings image courtesy Amazon

Flamingo Enamel Earrings image courtesy Amazon

Flashing Flamingo Necklace image courtesy Amazon

Party Sunglasses image courtesy Amazon

Even Jibbitz, the company that makes Doodad charms for clogs, offers a flamingo. On another day, there will be a blog on the Jibbitz Doodad charms that are heraldic symbols.

Flamingo charm image courtesy Jibbitz

Many flowering plants now bear the Pink Flamingo name. There's the Flamingo Lily, Pink Flamingo Feather, Pink Flamingo Plant, Pink Flamingo Australian Fuschia, and Pink Flamingo Flower ~

Flamingo Lily image courtesy City In A Garden

Pink Flamingo Feather image courtesy Ebay

Pink Flamingo Plant image courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

Pink Flamingo Australian Fuschia image courtesy San Marcos Growers

Pink Flamingo Flower image courtesy Dave's Garden

Pink Flamingo merchandise does abound, including a desktop gift set with a scaled down flamingo and grass, Christmas cards and ornaments, bracelet charms, and calendars. Socks, flip-flops and slip-ons ~

Flamingo Slipon Keds shoes image courtesy Amazon

Flamingo button 160098 image courtesy the Button Shoppe

Flamingo button 160076 image courtesy the Button Shoppe

Panties, puppets, stuffed toys and dashboard dolls…plus a wrap-n-ride toy ~

Flamingo Dashboard Doll image courtesy Amazon

Flamingo Wrap-n-Ride image courtesy Target

Anything you can imagine for the bathroom and even kitchenware, as seen with this scrubby ~

Flamingo Scrubby Holder image courtesy Amazon

But the tacky of tackys is a chocolate nonpareil candy named Flamingo Droppings ~

Chocolate Nonpareils Flamingo Droppings image courtesy Amazon

As well as the glut of flamingo items at, Ebay lists over 20 pages under Pink Flamingo, though much of it is cosmetics named Pink Flamingo.

Tomorrow, Edinburgh's Flamingo cricket club…

September 18, 2008 06:09 - The Eccentric Flamingoes Cricket Club

Lastly, and what I love to hear, in Edinburgh, a cricket club has existed since in 1868 and it's name…The Eccentric Flamingoes!

In 1988 it was renamed the Eccentric Flamingoes Cricket Club and Worldwide Sporting Movement. In their own words, they are naturally athletic like the bird, therefore training and practice are condemned as un-flamingo-like.

Drinking is highly encouraged. The members imitate the bird by being extremely fickle ~ they'll go anywhere that has good sandwiches or pies. The team colors are red and black, 'curiously disposed'.

The team captain is an internationally renowned Guinness drinker. Jimmy Adams, a West Indies cricket player of the 1990's played one game for the Flamingoes. Some say he is the only Flamingo to have ever played at the international level. The Flamingoes say he's the only international player to have played at the Flamingoes level.

The Club newsletter, which is sporadic, is dubbed 'The Living Mallet'. In "Alice in Wonderland' a flamingo was used as a mallet in a game of croquet.

Alice, her flamingo mallet and hedgehog ball courtesy Wikipedia

Tomorrow, one last day of the Pink Flamingo…

September 19, 2008 06:31 - Can There Be a Flamingo Wedding Theme?

Last December, Stardust, Deep Purple and Dream tartan themes were published. To create a flamingo theme, first a song was needed. There had to be something for Flamingos. It's a stretch, but here it is.

Written for the movie 'Dames', in 1934, several artists have since recorded the song, I Only Have Eyes For You.

I Only Have Eyes For You? So where do the pink flamingoes come in?

In 1959, The Flamingos had their biggest seller ~ I Only Have Eyes For You.

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you.

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

The moon maybe high
but I can't see a thing in the sky,
'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I don't know if we're in a garden,
or on a crowded avenue.

You are here. So am I.
Maybe millions of people go by,
but they all disappear from view.

And I Only Have Eyes For You.

Al Dubin, Lyricist

It's a nice slow dance tune and would be good for the first dance. You're parents, or possibly grandparents, may have fond memories of this tune.

I've selected several tartans with pink in the sett and flowers to co-ordinate with the tartans. And wedding dresses for the bride, her attendants and mothers.

Those will be published beginning Monday…

September 22, 2008 06:54 - Flamingo Wedding Theme I

The first wedding theme with the Pink Flamingo theme starts with the MacPherson of Pitmain Tartan.

MacPherson of Pitmain WR547

The dress in this Vogue pattern would be a good choice. The entire dress could be cut on the bias from MacPherson of Pitmain tartan. Or just with skirt and sleeves, with the bodice in one of the coordinating colors ~ white, hot pink, black, or gray.

Vogue Pattern 8150

The attendants could also wear MacPherson or, if you're a little bolder, the Lochcarron Heirloom MacBeth tartan.

Lochcarron Heirloom MacBeth

Many flowers would go with this tartan, including white roses, white lilacs, white heather. Picking up the flamingo pink, you could add heather, pink flamingo plant, roses, or orchids.

Pink Heather courtesy of Stock Exchange

pink flamingo plant

Pink Flamingo Plant image courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

hot pink rose

Rose #827080 courtesy Stock Exchange

hot pink orchid

Orchid #787487 courtesy Stock Exchange

Tomorrow, Pink Flamingo Wedding Theme II…

September 23, 2008 06:24 - Flamingo Wedding Theme II

Today's tartan for a new flamingo wedding theme is Connaught.

Scotweb Connaught

The colors certainly reflect the flamingo, and other associated tropical colors, such as lime greens and varied oranges. This would be a vibrant color theme not for the weak of heart. Of course, lots of white in the gowns and flowers can tone this tartan down to a milder impact.

One taming effect could be this lace blouse, with an era compatible skirt and 1880's Butterfly train in the Connaught tartan. The design would be traditional and romantic, while the colors would speak a more contemporary tune.

Train #361 courtesy Patterns of Time

1900 Ladies Yoked Blouse Pattern courtesy Patterns of Time

For a less traditional look, but still in keeping with our 1950's theme song, this bustier and skirt from Kwik Sew could be bold with both pieces in the tartan. Or, again, adding white to either the bodice or skirt would tone the overall coloring down. Another possibility, would be to create either the bodice or skirt in the Connaught tartan, with the other piece in a solid color from the tartan ~ hot pink or a shade of green. The bride could use a white compliment, while the attendants wore the coordinating pink and green. Silk, fine linen, or velveteen are choices for the complimentary color.

Bustier and Skirt Pattern #3060 courtesy Kwik Sew

When selecting flowers anything in the white family would tame the theme to a calmer degree ~ with white heather and white roses being the first choices, seeing both are traditional and heraldic symbols.

White Heather courtesy of Clipart

Going to the opposite extreme, this bi-color hibiscus in hot pink and an olive-lime green would pop right out and emphasize the colors in the tartan.

Bicolor Hibisucs courtesy Stock Exchange

Again, to emphasize the flamingo pink theme, the Pink Flamingo Plant certainly adds more pizazz with the hot pink, as do the hot pink orchids and roses.

Pink Flamingo Plant image courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

For the flamingo tartan collection, Scottish Wedding Dreams Flamingo Tartan

Tomorrow, Flamingo Wedding Theme III

September 24, 2008 05:41 - Flamingo Wedding Theme III

The MacMillan Old and Ancient tartan has a blend of tropical colors, including flamingo pink. It's like a blend of lemon, lime, raspberry, orange, and grape sherbet. Coconut is often the pastel turquoise. We used to call that 'rainbow' sherbet and this tartan looks almost that yummy.

Scotweb MacMillan Old and Ancient

This vogue gown again has a 50's look to it, but updated with the cascade that would be a modified train. The sheered straps on the yellow style bodice would be more in keeping with the 50's and a little more modest, if that's what you're seeking in your wedding gown.

Vogue Pattern #8075

The entire gown could be of the MacMillan Old and Ancient…or just the cascade, or the bodice and cascade.

The bridal attendants could also wear the yellow style, without the cascade or train. To set them apart more from the bride, they could be dressed in the Munster tartan, which also has a lot of turquoise in it. Another idea would be to use the various pastels in the MacMillan, a different one for each attendant.

Image courtesy Scotweb Munster

The jewelry possibilities run through a kaleidoscope of colors. Beyond the usual turquoise, there's green and yellow turquoise available for jewelry. Pink Quartz is another possibility.

The choices for flowers are also vast. My first choices would be daffodils, shamrocks, and thistles.

First, the daffodil is worn as a symbol on Tartan Day. The shamrock is a Scottish Wedding Tradition. Third, the thistle is the national flower of Scotland. And all three a found as heraldic symbols.

Daffodils courtesy of Clipart

Shamrock courtesy of Stock Exchange

Thistle owned by Scottish Wedding Dreams

Tomorrow, another flamingo tartan theme…

September 25, 2008 05:02 - Flamingo Wedding Theme IV

The Lochcarron Heirloom Buchanan tartan exhibits a nice, bright pink, along with peach and orange.

Lochcarron Heirloom Buchanan

This dress is basic and simple, yet very stylish and fashionable. It could easily carry a bright tartan like the Buchanan Heirloom tartan.

#3562 Image courtesy Kwik Sew Patterns

One idea that was collected and going to be used here has dropped off the internet. I'm hoping it's a temporary problem, for they have nice line of many Scottish items. Among them was a tartan collar, available in any tartan. It was large enough to sit on the shoulders, out over the arms, and down on the bust.

Along the same line, but with more drape and a carry-over in style from the 40's, are the tunics below. A solid color wedding gown in satin, silk, or a light-weight linen, with a longer hemline for the bride and the view B back, would carry a tartan collar. Any of the three collar styles would look stunning in either a lightweight wool or silk tartan. A solid color collar over a tartan gown would is another idea.

Changing the collar style between attendants, or for the mothers, would add variety while still being similar.

WOW! Tunic Image courtesy L J Design

Possibilities for flowers include pink iris with orange throats, pink and peach roses, medium pink rose, and Australian Fuschia.

Pink Iris with Orange Throat #775040 courtesy Stock Exchange

Image courtesy Clipart

Pink Rose courtesy Geek Philosopher

Australian Fuchsia Pink Flamingo
image courtesy San Marcos Growers

For more information and ideas, go to Scottish Wedding Dreams Flamingo Tartan.

Tomorrow, another Flamingo tartan theme…

September 26, 2008 06:06 - Flamingo Wedding Theme V

For a tartan that's still bright and colorful, yet a little more conservative in its colors, the Bruce of Kinnaird is a good choice.

Scotweb Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient

It would also be a good secondary tartan with the MacPherson of Pitmain, blogged last Monday.

With all the flamingo tartan selections, the groom and his groomsmen could wear Highland Granite kilts. It would go especially well with the Bruce of Kinnaird.

Highland Granite Universal Tartan

This Kwik Sew dress could work up into a very 50's wedding gown by just extending the hemline. Like Julia Roberts in Run Away Bride, it sure would swish prettily.

#3294 courtesy of Kwik Sew Patterns

For a more modest look, a tartan shawl or collar with a solid color gown, as in yesterday's blog, would reveal less as the neckline. But a silk or light-weight wool tartan, cut on the bias, would be very elegant.

The November 16, 2007 blog featured two 'Dressed to the Kilt' Tartan Week Fashion Shows. Particularly in the 2007 show, there's stills where you can study tartans cut on the bias.

For flowers, blue forget-me-nots, white heather, and a darker pink pansy would add a romantic, yet very heraldic, touch.

Forget-Me-Nots courtesy of Wikipedia

White Heather courtesy of Clipart

Pansy courtesy Wikipedia

Coming next week, two more flamingo theme tartans, then on to other topics…

September 29, 2008 09:21 - Flamingo Wedding Theme VI

The Munster tartan was suggested as a secondary tartan for MacMillan Old and Ancient on September 24th. Here it's the primary tartan with flowers and dress styles for the turquoise of the Munster tartan.

Image courtesy Scotweb Munster

The darker colors of turquoise, green, and black in the tartan are good colors for a winter wedding theme, while avoiding the red that's so common between Christmas and Valentine's Day…more like a winter's eve between a pink sunset and dark.

One wedding dress idea comes from Baba C.

Velvet Cape image courtesy Baba C Designs

A wedding gown with simple lines in white or ivory, as shown, is elegant. A cape of the Munster tartan, lined with the dress fabric, would be dramatic. The clasp should be a Celtic Knot clasp.

Baba C has more information on this gorgeous cape.

For a simpler, less formal wedding, Bloomers 4 U has some nice corsets. One style is Leona.

Leona corset image courtesy Bloomers 4 U

The corset could be in turquoise, pink, dark green, or black. A white linen, silk, or sheer chemise would be more demur, or the corset by itself would be a more daring ensemble

Adding a skirt in the Munster tartan, with an organdy or linen petticoat in any of the colors, including white, would complete the wedding color theme.

Leona and other corset styles can be viewed at Bloomers 4 U.

With either selection, you have a wide variety of flowers to choose from ~ anything in the whites, medium to hot pinks, or carnations dyed in turquoise.

White lilacs would herald the coming Spring, plus add a special fragrance. Pink heather would build on the daintiness of the lilacs while emphasizing the popularity of heather in Scotland. A pink pansy would continue the dainty, romantic flower theme. While all three are reminiscent of their heraldry symbols.

White Lilac courtesy Wikipedia

Pink Heather courtesy of Stock Exchange

Pansy courtesy Wikipedia

For the Flamingo Tartan Collection, Scottish Wedding Dreams has more ideas for each tartan.

Tomorrow completes the Flamingo Tartan theme…

September 30, 2008 05:59 - Flamingo Wedding Theme VII

The Lochcarron MacBeth Heirloom tartan was suggested as a complimentary tartan for MacPherson of Pitmain, on September 22.

Today, let's take a look for the main tartan in the wedding theme.

Lochcarron Heirloom MacBeth

The pinks are subtle, with touches of orange, black and white, and a background in the mauve, lavender, grey family.

The 'Isla' gown is featured frequently in Scottish bride information. But with the choices for the underskirt and tartan, it's doubtful any two would ever be repeated.

Isla wedding gown mage courtesy Scotland Shop

The touch of white piping at the bodice and waistline breaks up the somber colors on the example. With MacBeth Heirloom being so much lighter in color, white, pink, or orange could be used for the piping and the under-skirt petticoat and flowers.

You could keep them all in the same color family, or contrast between the piping, underskirt, and flowers. Each would give a slightly different 'feel', yet be tasteful.

Scotland Shop features 'Isla' and other Scottish tartan wedding dresses.

A more formal, stately ensemble could be created along the lines of the Charles VI gown and robe, featured September 8, 2008.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

The gown could be of the MacBeth Heirloom tartan, with a solid color velvet robe trimmed in any of the colors from the tartan. Or for a more daring statement, the gown could be of a solid color silk, handkerchief linen, or lightweight cotton velveteen. Then the robe could be the MacBeth Heirloom tartan, lined and edged with one of the co-ordinating colors ~ pink, orange, mauve, white, or black.

For either wedding ensemble, traditional white roses, a pastel mauve daylily, or the Flamingo Lily would be flowers that are distinctive, yet not overbearing.

White Roses courtesy Morgue File

mauve Daylily #810282 courtesy Stock Exchange

Flamingo Lily image courtesy City In A Garden

For the Flamingo Tartan Collection, Scottish Wedding Dreams has more ideas for each tartan.

This completes the Flamingo Tartan theme…tomorrow the October Highland Games will be listed.

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