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Scottish Wedding Attire

Read more in the news about Scottish theme wedding attire in our newsroom. Our newsmonger will report on ideas to capture a bit o' Scotland, including products and sources, to develop your Scottish wedding theme as you clothe your wedding party.

Custom Wedding Dress
Scottish Breweries ~ Part XXII, West and Windie Goat Breweries
Veracruz Poster Dress
The Harlequin and His Lady
MacTavish Modern Tartan
Lochcarron of Scotland You Tube video
Kilts 2 Go, A New Rental Company
Men In Kilts
Clogging Shoes
Taffeta Skirt with Embroidery
Woven Tartan Ribbon Medieval Bodice
Mature Bridal Ensemble Ideas ~ Part II
Mature Bridal Ensemble Ideas ~ Part I
A Wedding Ensemble for the Mature Bride
Bold Coats Come Into Vogue
More On Medieval & Renaissance Wedding Gown Colors and Funding
Origins of the Wedding Costume
Twelfth Street Gown
Blushing, Feminine Ruffles
Dancing Lights and The Chic and Cheap
A Ruffled Genesis Blue Gown
Lia With One Impressive Ruffle
This Season's Ruffled Dresses
Pendragon Costumes
Celtic Knot Wedding Gown
Kid's Kilts For Sale
A Flapper Wedding Dress With Style & Panache
Paisley ~ The Shawl
Smocked Ladies Wear
Elegant Stitches Ballet Slipper Pattern
Can Even Mr. Tumnus Have a Family Tartan?
The Last of Ivy's Daffodil Gowns & Tartans ~ Part XX
A Few More of Ivy's Daffodil Gowns and Tartans ~ Part XIX
Ivy & Her Tartan Gowns Part XVIII
Ivy's Daffodil Tartans and Gowns ~ Part XVII
Ivy's Daffodil Tartans & Gowns ~ Part XVI
Ivy's Daffodil Traveling Costumes ~ Part XV
Ivy's Daffodil Traveling Costumes ~ Part XIV
Ivy's Traveling Costumes ~ Part XIII
Ivy Shares More Favorite Tartans & Gowns ~ Part IX
Ivy and Her Culloden Tartans ~ Part VII
Ivy Part III ~ the MacLachlan Tartan and Tansy
Ivy and Her Daffodil Tartans ~ Part II
Ivy and Her Love of Daffodils and Dandelions
Daffodils and Heather
Daffodils & MacLaine of Lochbuie
More Gowns for a Snowflake Wedding Theme
Hymn to Winter, Snowflake Gowns
Dressed In Time
Federal Memorial Tartan
Flamingo Wedding Theme VII
Flamingo Wedding Theme VI
Flamingo Wedding Theme V
Flamingo Wedding Theme IV
Flamingo Wedding Theme III
Flamingo Wedding Theme II
Flamingo Wedding Theme I
Charles VI of France and His Royal Robe
The Blanc Coursier Tabard
Anne Dauphine de Avergne Heraldic Gowns
Jacqueline de la Grange Heraldic Gown
Aubrey Beardsley Gowns ~ Part IV
Aubrey Beardsley Gowns ~ Part III
Aubrey Beardsley Gowns ~ Part II
Aubrey Beardsley
John Brown ~ Part II
John Brown ~ Part I
Princess Beatrice ~ Part I
The Anderson Blue Tartans
More Blue Tartans ~ Part III
More Blue Tartans ~ Part II
American Independence
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan
David Strathairn, American Actor
Inverness District Tartans
Dunlop Cheese and Barbara Gilmour from Ayrshire
Ayrshire, The Home of John Muir
Ayrshire Clans ~ The Campbells, Part II
Ayrshire Clans ~ The Campbells, Part I
Famous Ayrshire Clans ~ Bruce
Famous Ayrshire Clans ~ Boyd & Boyle
Irish Wedding Themes & Tartans ~ Part III
St Patrick's Day Wedding Dresses ~ Part II
Knit Straw Crown for a Summer Wedding
Early 1900's Gown for the Mothers
Christmas Tartans
Dream Tartans
Deep Purple Tartans
Blue Tartans
Hair Taping & Hair Casing
Hair Wraps
Floral Bridal Wreaths
Miscellaneous Headdresses
Peacock Hats ???
Elizabethan Tall Hats
Medieval Flat Caps
Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show 2007
Irish Lace Museum
Bonnie Prince Charlie Cullodon Tartan
Recycled Mink on an Edwardian Gown
Recycled Mink on Renaissance Wedding Gowns
Medieval Wedding Dress with Recycled Mink
A Mink Trimmed Victorian Dress
Recycled Mink
Bonnet Dicing
Bonnet Hackles
Bonnet Cockades
Tam O'Shanter Bonnet
Balmoral Bonnets
Glengarry Bonnets
Pill Box Hats
Caplets, Barrettes, Clips and Hair Wraps
Fashionable Turbans
Empress Victoria of Prussia in a Regal Gown
Empress Eugenie and A Possible Wedding Gown
Empress Eugenie ~ Elegant and Charming
Decorative Bias Binding
Saint Catherine's Medieval Gown
15 Modern Movies and Actors in Kilts
Kilted Crosby, Hope, Laurel, Hardy and Others
Seven Flower Girl Dresses
Ten Flower Girl Patterns
Seven Tips for Your Flower Girl Dress
Princess Flower Girl Dresses
Ladies Tartan Sash Placement
How To Form a Sash Rosette
Queen Victoria's 1845 Scottish Gown
13th Century Medieval Slippers
A Royal Wedding Gown Bought With Ration Cards
Top Ten Favorite Movies With Historical Costumes
A Romantic Wedding Gown
The House of Rossetti Wedding Gowns
The Popular Peacock and It's Colors
Wedding Dress Rhyme
Orange Tartans and Carrots
Comfy Reception Feet
Tartan & Specialty Wedding Shoe Sources
11 Tips For Wedding Shoes
More Wedding Shoe Embellishments
Bows and Other Embellishments
Teal Shoes for the Bermuda Tartan Theme
Bermuda Tartan Ideas
Dame Fitzalan in a Striking Tartan Wedding Dress
A Very Merry Seamstress ~ Reproduction Jewelry and Custom Envelopes
A Faire Attire Pouches and Fan Flags
Sapphire Sage Renaissance Jewelry - Part III
More Renaissance Reproduction Jewelry ~ Part II
Some Fine Renaissance Reproduction Jewelry ~ Part I
A Very Merry Seamstress ~ Part II
A Very Merry Seamstress ~ Part I
A Red, White, and Blue Tartan Day…
A Simple Medieval Wedding Gown
Culloden Tartans Color Scheme - Found on the battlefield of Culloden, these historic tartans in zingy colors continue to grow in popularity…


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