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Wedding Traditions of Scotland

Read more in the news about Scottish wedding traditions in our newsroom. Our newsmonger will report on ideas to capture a bit o' Scotland, including products and sources, to develop your Scottish wedding traditions and Scottish theme wedding.

Medieval Strewing Herbs
Oathing Stones ~ Part II
Oathing Stones Revisited ~ Part I
Historic Brooches as Gifts
Celtic Windsock Instructions
Celtic Windsock as a Bridal Concomitant
William Arthur Cummings, Better Known as Candy Cummings
The Candy Man of Lockerbie Square
Scottish Sweets ~ Sources
Soor Plooms and a Complete List of Sweets Posted
Scottish Sweets ~ Tablet to Vimto’s Bon Bons
Scottish Sweets ~ Starrie Rock to Sugar Pebbles
Scottish Sweets ~ Rhubarb Candies to Sherbet Straws
Scottish Sweets ~ Pollen Drops to Puff Candy
Scottish Sweets ~ Mixed Boilings to Petticoat Tails
Scottish Sweets ~ Heart Throbs to Milk Shakes
Scottish Sweets ~ Giant Mice to Hawick Balls
Scottish Sweets ~ Dandelion and Burdock to Giant Strawberries
Scottish Sweets ~ Clove Rock to Curly-Andras
Scottish Sweets ~ Butternuts to Cinnamon Balls
Scottish Sweets ~ Acorns to Buchanan’s Italian Creams
Sweets at Your ScottishWedding
Wedding Sweets
Honey & Mead & Weddings ~ Part II
Honey & Mead & Weddings ~ Part I
The Lucky Sixpence ~ Part VII
The Lucky Sixpence ~ Part VI
The Lucky Sixpence ~ Part V
The Lucky Sixpence ~ Part IV
Uses for The Lucky Sixpence ~ Part III
More About the Lucky Sixpence ~ Part II
And a Lucky Sixpence for Her Shoe
More History of the Shawl
Scottish Entertainments for the Younger Guests
More About the Grand March
How To Conduct a Grand March
Highland Favours ~ Part II Highland Scapes
Highland Favours
Bride's Bowl Punch
Scottish Sea Glass Cake Pull Dangle
Clan Stamps
Katherines Wheel
Medieval Heraldry as Cake Pull Charms
Dissecting Clan Crest Badges for Cake Pull Charms
Clan Crest Charms for Cake Pulls
Victorian Cake Pull Instructions
Victorian Cake Pull Sources
Victorian Cake Pulls ~ Ideas & Sources
Charms for Victorian Cake Pulls
Victorian Cake Pulls
Modern Marriage Stones
Scottish Marriage Stones ~ Part III
Scottish Marriage Stones ~ Part II
Examples of Scottish Marriage Stones ~ Part I
Inverness Tartans ~ Part II
Marriage Stones ~ Part II
Marriage Stones ~ Part I
The Marriage Stone at The Hill
Dundee Cake & Saboyan Recipes
A Celtic Blessing of Peace
'Under the Lighthouse Dancing'
The Wedding Procession & The First Foot
Barra and the Marriage Bed
Groom's Siller
Wedding Confetti
The Oathing Stone
St Patrick's Day is Coming Soon…Part I
Groom's Guests on the Right, Groom on the Right, Right?
Auld Lang Syne
Traditional First Dances
Presentation of the Sword
Bridal Horseshoes
Pledging To Provide and Protect
Donning the Breid Tri Chearnach
St Kildas
The Dowry Rope on St. Kildas
Russian Bowls
Ilwyau Caru ~ Welsh Love Spoons
Wooden Ladles
Fairin's and Mindin's
The Tryste ~ A Scottish Wedding Tradition
Scottish Surnames and Wedding Traditions
Wearing a Clan Crest or Badge
Wearing a Buckle and Strap Garter
Makeup Bells
Seven Popular Scottish Wedding Traditions
Rolling Pin Wedding Gift???
More About Celtic Motifs & Where To Use Them
Caberdancer Graphics
Graphics & Motifs For You Scottish Theme Wedding
Sources For Machine Embroidery Knotwork Motifs
Celtic Knotwork Bridal Concomitants
Concomitants on a Golf Cart ~ Part 2
Concomitants on a Golf Cart


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