Flamingo Tartan For a Wedding Theme

The flamingo tartan theme started developing some time ago, while researching heraldry. In some ways, the flamingo is such a majestic bird…in other ways, they’re like a silly goose. First it was a ‘Flamingo Crossing’ road sign, with the silly thing darting across the road. Next we found them being used as heraldic symbols, or charges, on national flags. Here they do look rather regal.

Image 535108 courtesy Stock Exchange

Bahamas Coat of Arms courtesy Wikipedia

Jibbitz, the company that makes doodad charms for Croc shoes, even has a flamingo charm.

Flamingo charm image courtesy Jibbitz

At weather.com they posted a video clip of a flamingo in the surf during Hurricane Ike. Unfortunately, weather.com has removed the clip. But when the flamingo braving the surf appeared, it just deserved to be written about.

Pink Flamingo Yard Decor
and Where It's Led

The retro, campy flamingo craze began with Donald Featherstone in 1957, when he created his plastic pink flamingo lawn decor.

Flamingo Plastic Lawn Art image courtesy Wikipedia

At that time, this lawn art quickly became popular, especially in Florida. Then, after they glutted the market, they were considered tacky. Now, the pink flamingos have revived and are once again fashionable, in a retro sort of way.

But it’s no longer just plastic pink flamingos on stilted legs. You can also find whirly-gigs, flags, windsocks, planters, wind chimes, picnic tableware, and patio lights.

In 1996 The Improbable Research Nobel Prize for Art was awarded to Donald Featherstone for his plastic pink flamingo. Books have been written about the craze, including ~

The Original Pink Flamingoes book image courtesy Amazon

Drinks have been named to honor the Pink Flamingo, as seen in the Pink Flamingo Smoothie from Family Fun Magazine, which adds pineapple to the traditional banana and strawberry smoothie.

More Flamingo History

The flamingo has an interesting history. Ancient Romans considered flamingo tongues a delicacy. As a home remedy, miners in the Andes would render out the fat as a cure for tuberculosis. The Larco Museum in Lima, Peru owns a ceramic from the 3rd century. Part of the renowned Moche collection, this piece displays a flamingo.

Flamingo Moche Pottery image courtesy Wikipedia

World War II brought new instances of the flamingo’s popularity.

de Havilland Flamingo image courtesy Wikipedia

The British de Havilland Flamingo was a troop carrier and also used for general communications duties. If not flown by some Scottish pilots, Scottish troops were likely transported in the Flamingo. Secondly, the Germans had a Panzer flame thrower, or Flamm, nicknamed the Flamingo.

The Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas joined the fanclub, opening in 1946.

The Flamingo Casino image courtesy Wikipedia

The Flamingo matchbook image courtesy Wikipedia

A New Orleans riverboat casino was named The Flamingo. It doesn’t seem to have survived Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans riverboat image courtesy Wikipedia

A movie, The Flamingo Kid, 1984, is a coming of age movie, set at a Long Island Beach Club in the early 1960’s. Even though flamingos don’t go that far north, it’s still a catchy title.

The flamingo Kid movie poster courtesy Wikipedia

The Featherstones of Fife

Going back to Donald Featherstone, who began the Pink Flamingo craze, his surname is Scottish. The Featherstones are found listed within the Fife District. Fife is located on the eastern coast of Scotland. It's bordered by the Firth of Tay, the Firth of Forth, and the North Sea.

St. Andrews University and St. Andrews Golf course are located in Fife.

For Alexander Duff, the first Duke of Fife, a Fife District tartan was created for his wedding.

Duke of Fife District Wedding Tartan WR790

A second tartan was created for his wife, Louise, the Princess Royal, grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, when she became the Duchess of Fife.

Duchess of Fife District Wedding Tartan WR781

Giving credit where it’s due, the men of Fife have shown great valour. They have received battle honors the combined Fife and Forfar Yeomanry [circa 1793] and the Scottish Horse [circa 1900] Regiments . Undoubtedly, some of these men donned the Fife Tartan as they went to war.

  • Boer War ~ South Africa, 1900-02

  • The Great War ~
    Somme, France, 1918
    Bapaume, 1918
    Hindenburg Line, Epehy, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Selle, Sambre, and Flanders, 1918
    Turkey, Gallipoli, 1915
    Egypt, 1915-1917
    Palestine, Gaza
    Israel, Jerusalem

  • World War II ~
    France ~ Dunkirk, Cheux, Bourguebus Ridge, Le Perier Ridge
    Belgium ~ Scheldt, Ourthe
    Germany ~ Rhineland, Rhine
    West Europe 1940
    Northwest Europe 1944-1945

Flamingo Merchandise

Back to the flamingo and it’s popularity. Once a craze starts, it seems to take on a life of its own, growing and growing and growing…sometimes steadily, sometimes with an ebb and flow. Just look at all the types of Pink Flamingo merchandise being advertised.

  • Flamingo jewelry runs the gamut from tasteful to tacky ~

    Flamingo Stained Glass Earrings image courtesy Amazon

    Flamingo Enamel Earrings image courtesy Amazon

    Flashing Flamingo Necklace image courtesy Amazon

    Party Sunglasses image courtesy Amazon

  • Pink flowering plants now bear the Pink Flamingo name. There’s the Flamingo Lily, Pink Flamingo Feather, Pink Flamingo Plant, Pink Flamingo Australian Fuschia, and Pink Flamingo Flower ~

    Flamingo Lily image courtesy City In A Garden

    Pink Flamingo Feather image courtesy Ebay

    Pink Flamingo Plant image courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

    Pink Flamingo Australian Fuschia image courtesy San Marcos Growers

    Pink Flamingo Flower image courtesy Dave’s Garden

  • Other Pink Flamingo merchandise includes a desktop gift set with a scaled down flamingo and grass, Christmas cards and ornaments, bracelet charms, and calendars. Socks, flip-flops and slip-ons ~

    Flamingo Slip-on Keds shoes image courtesy Amazon

    Flamingo button 160098 image courtesy the Button Shoppe

    Flamingo button 160076 image courtesy the Button Shoppe

  • Panties, puppets, stuffed toys and dashboard dolls…plus a wrap-n-ride toy ~

    Flamingo Dashboard Doll image courtesy Amazon

    Flamingo Wrap-n-Ride image courtesy Target

  • Anything you can imagine for the bathroom and even kitchenware, as seen with this scrubby holder ~

    Flamingo Scrubby Holder image courtesy Amazon

  • But the tacky of tackys is a chocolate Nonpareil candy named Flamingo Droppings ~

    Chocolate Nonpareils Flamingo Droppings image courtesy Amazon

  • There’s also a glut of flamingo items at Amazon.com, while Ebay lists over 20 pages under Pink Flamingo, though much of it is cosmetics named ‘Pink Flamingo’.

Where Is There Possibly a Pink Flamingo Song
For a Wedding Theme?

Last December, dreamy songs ~ Stardust, Deep Purple and Dream ~ were developed into tartan themes here at Scottish Wedding Dreams. Continuing in the same vein, a song was needed. There just had to be something for Flamingos. Though not a title, here it is ~

Written for the movie 'Dames', in 1934, several artists, including Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, The Lettermen, and Art Garfunkel, have all recorded the song, I Only Have Eyes For You.

But where do the pink flamingos come in?

In 1959, The Flamingos, a doo-wop ensemble who became famous for their complex vocal harmonies and soaring falsetto voice, had their biggest seller…’I Only Have Eyes For You’.

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you.

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

The moon may be high
but I can't see a thing in the sky,
'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I don't know if we're in a garden,
or on a crowded avenue.

You are here. So am I.
Maybe millions of people go by,
but they all disappear from view.

And I Only Have Eyes For You.

Al Dubin, Lyricist

It's a nice slow dance tune, good for snuggling and very romantic, making it a good choice for the first dance at a wedding reception. You're parents, or possibly grandparents, may have fond memories of this tune.

The Flamingos version was used in the movie American Graffiti, a 1998 Pepsi commercial, and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer segment.

The Flamingos also recorded ‘That’s My Desire’ and ‘Golden Teardrops’.

Flamingo Tartans For a Wedding Theme

Several tartans have been selected for the pink in their sett. Flowers are displayed to co-ordinate with the tartans. Wedding dresses for the bride, her attendants and mothers, that would work with the tartans, are also shown.

With all these tartan selections, the groom and his groomsmen could wear Highland Granite kilts, which would be a nice background for the colorful Flamingo tartans.

Highland Granite Universal Tartan

  • The Lochcarron Heirloom Buchanan tartan exhibits a nice, bright pink.

    Lochcarron Heirloom Buchanan tartan

    The bodice on this wedding gown, called Skye, would be unusual, yet quite elegant in the Buchanan Heirloom tartan.

    Skye Gown courtesy Lindsay Fleming

    Like the example, the skirt and veil in white would balance the brightness of the tartan. The attendants could use the same basic style but giving the skirt an ankle length hemline and in a color from the tartan bodice.

    Skye, and other Celtic wedding gowns, is available from Lindsay Fleming.

    Skye Gown courtesy Lindsay Fleming

    Possibilities for flowers include a pink iris with orange throat and a mix of pink and peach roses.

    Pink Iris with Orange Throat #775040 courtesy Stock Exchange

    Image courtesy Clipart

    Not forgetting how well white works with almost anything, and in keeping with Scottish wedding traditions, white heather should be seriously considered.

    White Heather courtesy of Clipart

    Of course white roses, both for their beauty and as a heraldic symbol, would be an appropriate choice, as are white lilacs.

    White Roses courtesy Morgue File

    White Lilac courtesy Wikipedia

    Moving into flowers with color, a daylily, like this one in mauve would look nice against the Buchanan Heirloom tartan, as would a medium pink rose.

    mauve Daylily #810282 courtesy Stock Exchange

    Pink Rose courtesy Geek Philosopher

    The flowers bearing the name Pink Flamingo would add to the fun of a flamingo theme. Look at the Pink Flamingo Australian Fuchsia and the Flamingo Lily.

    Australian Fuchsia Pink Flamingoimage courtesy San Marcos Growers

    Flamingo Lily image courtesy City In A Garden

  • Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient offers a completely different look and feel.

    Scotweb Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient

    Pink Rose courtesy Geek Philosopher

    Paler, blue flowers would also compliment this tartan, as in the Forget-Me-Nots.

    Forget-Me-Nots courtesy of Wikipedia

    The Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient tartan can be ordered from Scotweb.

  • The flashiest of the Flamingo tartans is Connaught, which is a province of Ireland.

    Scotweb Connaught

    The colors certainly reflect the flamingo, and other associated tropical colors, such as lime greens and varied oranges. This would be a vibrant color theme not for the weak of heart. Of course, lots of white in the gowns and flowers can tone this tartan down to a milder impact.

    One taming effect could be this lace blouse, with an era compatible skirt and 1880’s Butterfly train in the Connaught tartan. The design would be traditional and romantic, while the colors would speak a more contemporary tune.

    Train #361 courtesy Patterns of Time

    1900 Ladies Yoked Blouse Pattern courtesy Patterns of Time

    For a less traditional look, but still in keeping with our 1950’s theme song, this bustier and skirt from Kwik Sew could be bold with both pieces in the tartan. Or, again, adding white to either the bodice or skirt would tone the overall coloring down. Another possibility, would be to create either the bodice or skirt in the Connaught tartan, with the other piece in a solid color from the tartan ~ hot pink or a shade of green. The bride could use a white compliment, while the attendants wore the coordinating pink and green. Silk, fine linen, or velveteen are choices for the complimentary color.

    Bustier and Skirt Pattern #3060 courtesy Kwik Sew

    When selecting flowers anything in the white family would tame the theme to a calmer degree ~ with white heather and white roses being the first choices, seeing both are traditional and heraldic symbols. White lilac, if it’s a favorite, is another good choice in white.

    White Heather courtesy of Clipart

    Going to the opposite extreme, this bi-color hibiscus in hot pink and an olive-lime green would pop right out and emphasize the colors in the tartan.

    Bicolor Hibiscus courtesy Stock Exchange

    Being an Irish tartan, the Bells of Scotland would add some subtle green to the theme, as would Shamrocks. And, of course, both symbolize Ireland. But they’re also popular in Scotland.

    Bells of Ireland courtesy of Burpee Seed

    Shamrock courtesy of Stock Exchange

    Again, to emphasize the flamingo pink theme, the Pink Flamingo Plant certainly adds more pizazz with the hot pink, as do the hot pink orchids and roses.

    Pink Flamingo Plant image courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

    Orchid #787487 courtesy Stock Exchange

    Rose #827080 courtesy Stock Exchange

    Two other nice flowers would be a pink heather or tulips in the hot pink/magenta color range.

    Pink Heather courtesy of Stock Exchange

    Tulips courtesy Stock Exchange

    This Irish Provincial tartan is offered at Scotweb.

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